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10 Tips to help kids ease back to school after the Christmas break

So, the kids have been up late over the Christmas break: watching TV, playing video games and having lie-ins but sadly the fun is over, as the new school term is now days away. How do you help the kids to ease back into the Spring Term without any major hiccups? The kids will certainly need some help to transition from fun, fun, fun to early morning school runs and lessons in the first week. Here’s some top tips to help you put some spring in their steps for the Spring Term.

1. Ideally, try to return to children’s normal bedtime at least a few days before they get back to school. This will help their body clock adjust to its normal rhythm. 

2. Prepare the contents of their school bags, make sure any school projects have been completed and PE bags are packed.

3. Check school coats and mend any loose buttons and finally round up those stray hats and gloves.

4. Make sure that all school uniforms have been washed and ironed to help you ease back into the first week. Don’t forget to check the state of those socks and tights – and restock if necessary. Marks & Spencer, Next, John Lewis or your local supermarket are great for all your school uniform essentials.

5. To help girls get ready in the morning, make you are well stocked up on their hair accessories, especially if you’re one of those parents who like to match hair accessories to their school uniform. Check out Rainbow and Ginger London for all your school wear hair accessories. Also, if they don’t have any in

your child’s school uniform colours, they offer a bespoke service where they can make them especially for you.

6. Check that school shoes still fit, in case they’ve had a growth spurt. If necessary, you can nip into the shops just in time and buy a pair of shoes for those growing feet! Clarks often carry a wide range of styles or you might want to try my new favourite Kickers, which are perfect for my sporty daughter and her adventures in the playground.

7. Inspect those lunch boxes and water bottles to ensure they are in good condition – and replace them if necessary. Smiggle’s Double Decker lunch box, Trunki Lunch Bag Backpack and Sistema Quaddie Lunchbox have all had good reviews.

8. If you normally give the children packed lunch, make sure that you’ve got all the necessary ingredients. For inspiration on some healthy options, check out the ‘School Lunch box’ on Instagram created by a Dad of two kids @schoollunchbox.  And have a look at BBC Food and Tescos Real Food, or perhaps like me, you might want to make it a little easy on yourself in the first week by opting for school dinners.

9. If you have a school parent mail account, check for any outstanding emails or messages that you may have missed over the holidays.

10. Getting back to the school run is tough on everyone so try to stick to a strict bedtime routine in the first week. Happy First Week Back! 

Blog by Vida Evans
Owner of Rainbow & Ginger London

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